Mobile permanent hardening of surfaces – Hexagon universal

Hexagon is suitable for creating temporary as well as long-term paved areas, eg for construction, parking places, cultural events.


Hexagon boards are universal floor coverings and can be used for loads even in difficult terrain.

Usually their installation can be done without soil subsoil, even in difficult terrain

The surface is weather resistant and easy to clean (snow plows, sweepers, pressurized water).

Its fire class is B2 = oil-resistant, UV-resistant, can be modified antistatically and up to -60 ° C on request

In conventional applications, a simple hexagonal plate construction combined with a waterproof geotextile fabric is sufficient.

If desired, the surface can also be waterproof.

The product complies with the Law on Soil Protection.

During its use there is no failure of living and inanimate soil layers.

Due to the dynamic and static load distribution, a uniform load is applied to the base surface.

Advantages of the mobile surface:

  • simple assembly,
  • rapid disassembly,
  • easy storage for further use.